Handmade herbal Neem Soap with Essential Oils.

Manufacturer and Exporters of Ayurvedic, Organic, Cosmetics & F.M.C.G. Products.

: Neem Leaves Oil

: Coconut Oil,Glycerin,vegetable oil,soap base,fragrance

: Green

: Vagad`s Khadi Handmade herbal Neem Soap with Essential Oils is infused with Neem leaves Oil. It protects your skin from skin infection with soothing effect.Neem leaves oil act as antiseptic will protect your skin from germs. It also nourish your skin. Vagad`s Khadi soap provides you a glowing and healthy looking skin. It deep cleanse your skin from dirt.Vagads`s Khadi neem soap gives you Germ protection and Healthy looking skin.

: 125 ml

: -

: 125 gm

: 34011110

: 18

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