Rosemary Essential Oil

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: Pure Rosemary Oil

: -

: Colorless

: Vagad`s Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil has many benefits for hair,body,skin,mind. Rosemary oil is often used for curing indigestion, relieving flatulence, stomach cramps, constipation, and bloating. It also helpful for dandruff and hair growth. It has anti-bacterial and antiseptic property thus prevents skin infection. Regular use of rosemary oil helps stimulate follicles, making hair grow longer and stronger. It is also believed that rosemary oil slows down premature hair loss and graying of the hair. Vagad`s Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil helps to stimulates mental activity and is a good remedy for depression, mental fatigue, and forgetfulness. Vagad`s Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil is also helpful in relieving from stress. It lift up your mood. Direction for use- Mix a adequate amount of pure Rosemary Essential Oil with your carrier Oil. Use it for hair massage,body massage.

: 10 ml

: 85 mm

: 42 gm

: 33011200

: 18

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