Tea Tree Essential Oil

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: Pure Tea Tree Oil

: -

: Colorless

: Vagad`s Khadi Tea Tree Essential Oil is useful to treat acne,inflammation. Can be useful for dry flaking, dandruff and to treat lice.When diffused, it strengthens the vital energy within the body, energises the heart and mind and uplifts the spirit Vagad`s Khadi Tea Tree Essential Oil increases blood flow that can help your follicles stay healthy and strengthen the hold on your hair, so you won’t suffer from premature hair loss. Pure Tea Tree oil when inhaled it gives relief from cough and congestion.It has anti viral property. Vagad`s Khadi Tea Tree Essential Oil, also has antiseptic property. Direction for use- Mix adequate amount of pure Tea Tree Oil with your carrier oil and use for hair massage.

: 10 ml

: 85 mm

: 42 gm

: 33011200

: 18

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