Beauty & Ayurveda

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The secrets to flawless skin and ageless beauty have been known to Indian physicians for over six thousand years, preserved in one of the world’s oldest systems of health care and healing, known as ‘Ayurveda’ or ‘Knowledge of Life’.

The use of pure herbal extracts, natural spring water & essential oils is used to cleanse nourish and replenish moisture levels, counter the effects of stress and pollution, thereby stimulating cell growth. However Ayurveda works on four levels – body, breath, mind and spirit – it is only when all these are in perfect harmony that you radiate not only outer but also inner beauty.

The charisma or radiance of absolute beauty is reflected in an inner vitality, lustrous hair, glowing skin, clear shining eyes, and an ‘inner fire’ which according to Ayurveda is a phenomenon produced by the presence of a subtle substance called ‘ojas’.

‘Ojas’ is the unifying factor of three vital essences. ‘Prana’ or life breath or what many cultures refer to as spirit. ‘Tejas’ or radiant energy, which naturally releases heat and light. ‘Ojas’ which by its very being is the by-product of healthy body tissue.

The balanced functioning to these three life forces produces an outer effect of radiance and an inner sensation of bliss. The serenity and contentment of a truly beautiful face is not an affectation or an attitude but a direct reflection of flowing ‘Ojas’.

Ojas is naturally highest at birth and diminishes with age, which is why the very young, look so effortlessly vibrant. We can however replenish ojas with facial and body massages, intensive oil treatments for hair, ‘ubtans’ or herbal scrubs and washes for skin, and the use of pure natural beauty products. This combined with a balanced diet and routine, right breathing and a positive attitude, prevent stress and ageing, leading to a state of happiness known as ‘ sat chit ananda’ or bliss consciousness – the source and essence of Vedic beauty.